Best Heroes in Mobile Legends | Ultimate List of Top 30

There are six categories in mobile legends which have heroes of different craft and skills. Fighters – They are the bravest of them all who charge first in team fights and destroy turrets. Tanks – They are the ultimate guards of the team who take the hits from the enemies to protect other heroes. Mages – They are the wisest […]

GTA 6 Release Date, Features, Requirements, and More

GTA 6 release date was speculated to be July 25, and many rumours are revolving around it, including the one that the main character in GTA 6 is a female. All the speculations made till now are spoken & heard words as Rockstar games have not made any official announcements yet. However, one thing is for sure that GTA 6 […]

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming – The Undying Argument

Gaming industry leaps into the future more than anything else in the field of technology that we experience today. The gaming industry is booming on every platform from PC to console to mobile devices. Which brings a huge argument along with it – PC Gaming vs Console Gaming, which one is better? The answer is PC Gaming. The reason behind […]

Best Games for Low-End PCs And Laptops in 2021

Having a hard time looking for good PC games that can run on your old systems? I had a hard time finding good games for my laptop, that is now eight years old. All I can say is if your system is not dead yet, there are games out there which can be run with ease on low-end PCs and […]

Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Android 2021

Mobile gaming is the future that many game developers are relying upon due to the massive player base and easy access for gamers to play the games anywhere at any time. Multiplayer games are the most searched games by players as they provide maximum competitiveness and the fun of playing with fellow gamers. To ease the problem of searching for […]

How to Distribute Squad Roles in PUBG? | PUBG Squad Roles For Pros

Have you ever thought if everyone in your squad did the right thing at the right time, chicken dinner would not be a problem at all? Good teamwork is necessary to survive longer in a squad match in PUBG. Along with having your skillset, you also need team coordination, communication, and a strategy that all squad members carefully understand. Otherwise, […]

Tips & Tricks for PUBG: Increase Your Chances of Chicken Dinner

If you want your virtual chicken dinner served every time you play PUBG, mere basic game knowledge will not help. The pros have worked to device new tactics and strategies through the years to gain an advantage over other players. Nevertheless, PUBG is anyone’s game until the very last moment, but these tips can give you the best chance of […]

Beginner’s Guide to PUBG: How to Get the Chicken Dinner?

Now many may wonder the reason behind this game’s popularity, which is quite simple. The game began as a multiplayer TPS simulator under the concept of the movie “Battle Royale.” It took everyone by surprise and excitement with its seemingly hard objective – To get the chicken dinner. A hundred players take part in a single match to compete for […]