Tips & Tricks for PUBG: Increase Your Chances of Chicken Dinner

Tips & Tricks for PUBG: Increase Your Chances of Chicken Dinner

If you want your virtual chicken dinner served every time you play PUBG, mere basic game knowledge will not help.

The pros have worked to device new tactics and strategies through the years to gain an advantage over other players.

Nevertheless, PUBG is anyone’s game until the very last moment, but these tips can give you the best chance of winning the matches or at least save you from becoming the number 99.

Choose a quiet place

When you drop into the map, the biggest dilemma is, “Where to land?”.

While places like Pochinki and Military base can be the most crowded places, you can choose an area which can give you sufficient loot without the need for engaging in the beginning.

The west region of the Erangel map, which consists of Georgopol and Primorsk is quieter than the eastern part. It has fewer landmarks, average loot, and tricky terrains to bring vehicles.

The players who want quick games avoid these places. You can use it for your advantage and take your time building up your supplies before you can head east and engage in the battles.

Use the blue zone in the early game

In a situation when you have blue zone approaching from behind and a team at the front, a sane idea would be to avoid the fight and take the minimal damage that the blue zone provides to change your route to the safe zone.

In the beginning, the blue zone does not give much damage, so you can use it as a hideout as no one will expect an incoming from the blue zone after a while.

Make sure you have enough medical supplies to revive yourself. As the safe zone shrinks, the blue zone will give more damage, so know how long you can use this strategy.

Use terrain as the wall

Houses, walls, and trees are a good shield to avoid getting shot from the front. But houses also limit your movements in case someone throws a grenade inside.

Instead, you can take advantage of the dops, ridge, and hills to protect yourself from being hit until you have a clear shot. They can provide better coverage with enough place to move around for different approaches.

Find level-3 Helmet

Did you know that AWM can single shot level 2 helmet and can knock you out instantly? Always look for a level 3 helmet whenever possible. Go for the high loot areas and crate drops to find one.

Level 3 helmet will keep you alive even after being shot from AWM and give you time to get back at your opponent. Kar 98, M24, and AWM can penetrate through level 2 helmet. Finding a level 3 helmet will be worth it to stay longer in the game, even when it is half damaged.

Full health level-2 vest is better

Vests can act a little different from the helmets. A full health level 2 vest can be better at situations than a half health level 3 vest.

The durability of the vest depends on its health, and a full health vest can come useful for an early engagement. However, if you are approaching the end, with only a few opponents left, a damaged level 3 vest can block more single shots than a level 2 vest.

Avoid the centre of the circle

As you move to the final circle, know that all the remaining opponents will be close enough to track each other more easily. In this case, heading to the centre of the circle means being surrounded from all directions, and any small movements can make you the first target for everyone.

Try to keep on the edge of the circle so that you at least have your back covered. All you have to worry about will be your front.

Keep boosting yourself

When you are in the last few minutes of the game, it is time for you to start using all your energy drinks and pain killers to always keep the energy bar full.

One reason to do so is that if you get shot and do not have enough time to heal yourself, the boosters will generate your HP automatically.

Another reason is that the boosters also provide a better pace during the game so you can move more freely even after being shot.