How to Build Your Inventory in PUBG – Always Have Sufficient Supplies

How to Build Your Inventory in PUBG – Always Have Sufficient Supplies

Often face problems due to missing items in your inventory? This PUBG guide will help you make the right choice.

It is important to get all the necessary items in your backpack before you can start engaging in battles with opponents. Without having the right weapons and proper medical items, you cannot expect to last when the opponent is pushing to kill you. It is suggested that you spend the first circle time staying low-key and pick the best items for your inventory. Once you drop into the map, you will have a minimum inventory capacity, and as you find higher-level backpacks, your capacity of holding item will also increase. Here is an easy guide on what to pick first during your games and what to avoid.

Tier 4 items


When you drop from the parachute, tier 4 items will be your lease priority. You should least consider these items even when you have a level 3 backpack, let alone running without a backpack at all. These items include:

Pistol and crossbow attachments

You will hardly use these two weapons during the game as you will always rely on your primary weapons. There is no need to pick up attachments for these weapons just to make space in your backpack.


While these are necessary for quick healing when you have a higher level backpack, it is not the first thing you want to pick up to fill up your inventory and then not have space for weapons and ammo. However, if you cannot find any weapon and get shot by people, bandages can help in recovering slowly but at least will save your life for a while.

Nades and Molotovs

Again an important part of your inventory but not your first priority. Keep these in minimum numbers based on the level of backpack you have. They should not take more than 5% of your inventory.

Gas cans

You can ignore gas cans most of the times unless your objective is to drive across the entire map in a single car. Gas cans are usually required in squad games when your team will need fuel for long roaming.

Tier 3 items

Sub Machine Gun - Vector
Sub Machine Gun

The need for these items depends on the type of gameplay you have in mind. If you do not need these items for the future items that you will be searching for, you can leave these behind. Tier 3 items include:

12 gauge, 9mm and .45mm

You will not face any shortages of this ammo during the games as these are for shotguns, SMGs, and pistols. Only in case you are planning to play the whole game with shotguns, you will need more than 10 12 gauge ammo.

Shotguns and SMG attachments

Again these guns are effective in the early game but cannot be of any help in long-range fights. You will not be using these guns for long, so picking up attachments for these will also be not necessary.

Foregrips and AR attachments

These are pretty useful attachments that help in improving your aim but keeping them in your inventory before you find a gun will take up the space that you may need for another gun. AR attachments are a choice to consider based on the space in your inventory.

Tier 2 items

Red Dot
Red Dot

These are the items that you should pick up, but they can be dropped when you find a better replacement for them. These items include:

2x, Red Dot, Holographic sights

You will need an optic to aim at your opponents better. You will find plenty of these attachments, and you can pick the first ones you find. Later as you find better optics, you can switch to the better view.

Sniper attachments

You will also need sniper attachments in case you find a sniper later in the game. The better attachments you get, the better your aim and reloading will be.

Energy drinks

You will need energy drinks and pills all along the game to keep yourself healing and faster than your opponents. Keep as many as you can and use them if you need more space in your backpack instead of dropping them.

Tier 1 items

4x Scope
4x Scope

This category is the best items you can get in the game, and you cannot afford to drop them thinking you can find them later in the game. These rare items which you must keep are:

4x, 6x, and 8x scopes

You will need these scopes for long-range flights to take precise headshots. It will give you a good range for your snipers so you can make the best use of them.

5.56 and 7.62

These are the ammo for the AR and snipers that you will be using during the games. At an average, you should have at least three rounds of each in your backpack every time you engage in a non-stop fights.

First Aid Kits

Get as many as you can adjust in your backpack. These are important to keep you alive if you get shot by your opponent and have low HP. Having a big stack of medical supplies can keep you alive even after being shot multiple times in an engaging situation.

AR and Sniper Suppressors

The suppressors are the most valuable attachments in the game. They can give you a great advantage in the game by making minimal and satisfying sounds. They are also rare attachments, so you do not want to leave them if you find them at the game start.

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