Best Heroes in Mobile Legends | Ultimate List of Top 30

Best Heroes in Mobile Legends | Ultimate List of Top 30

There are six categories in mobile legends which have heroes of different craft and skills.

Fighters – They are the bravest of them all who charge first in team fights and destroy turrets.

Tanks – They are the ultimate guards of the team who take the hits from the enemies to protect other heroes.

Mages – They are the wisest heroes who have achieved the art of magic for creation and destruction.

Assassins – They roam and hide in the shadows to hunt down solo lurkers when no other teammate of theirs is around.

Marksmen – They are the over watchers who attack from a distance and secure the kills or the running enemies.

Support – They are the healers and supporters who may be weak in solo fights but can make be a nightmare with their team.

In this article, I will be mentioning the best all-time heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in every category.


Overall amongst all the heroes, The Best hero in Mobile Legends is Argus.

Best Fighter hero is Aldous.
Best Tank hero is Tigreal.
Best Assassin hero is Hayabusa.
Best Marksman hero is Yi Sun-Shin.
Best Mage hero is Zhask.
Best Support hero is Nana.

In Mobile Legends, I have played with almost all the heroes, except for some support heroes and mages. From my experience, I can tell that there are a few mobile legend heroes who can really give the enemy a hard time.

Considering both the teams are good, and the game goes on for a long time, the best mobile legend hero that I have played with is Argus, up until I reached Epic. Now many may disagree on this as there are obviously other meta heroes in Mobile Legends. But I have had my games with Argus where he soloed to the final enemy turret. It was a great company with Argus, but I knew I needed a quicker hero when I started facing higher level challengers who beat Argus with their skills.

Argus – Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

When I first started playing my top best mobile legend heroes in every category were Tigreal (Tank), Yi Shun Shin (Marksman), Eudora (Mage), Argus (Fighter), Lolita (Support), and Hayabusa (Assassin). But that was a long time back as the 2020 list of heroes in mobile legends has added more than 90 heroes.

My journey in mobile legends so far!

I have been playing mobile legends for two long years now, and I feel that everyone will agree that the most troublesome part of the game is to push the rank solo. No matter how well you try to coordinate, the best heroes in mobile legends are meant to fall against a strong team. I have also learnt that taking the strongest hero in mobile legends never guarantees a win if your team cannot play along. I have been solo carrying myself with a bunch of toxic players who cannot risk believing in anyone else but themselves. It is a problem that has no solution, and you and I just need to deal with it as long as we keep playing mobile legends matchmaking. 

Mobile Legends matchmaking

Mobile legends matchmaking is completely random, which creates a lot of problem for people who are trying to push ranks. ML matchmaking often teams you up with either a higher rank player or a lower rank player. I have played many games where I was in Legend III and was matched with a Mythic level player and an Epic level player in the same game. It also means that the other team is also matched in a similar manner which either tells me that I will lose against Mythic players with Epics in my team or win the game with the Mythic player in my team solo carrying the entire team. In either case, there is no guarantee of victory or defeat. I find it funny how Mobile Legends Matchmaking can really put on the blood pressure of the players before even starting the game.

How to pick the right hero in Mobile Legends?

The art of picking a strong hero is mobile legends is very complex. You never know what the enemy is going to pick, and you cannot even trust your own team in many cases, especially in solo queues. When you plan on matchmaking solo in mobile legends, hope that you get to pick the last so that you can save your best-performing heroes in-case you get a bad team. If you are confident that you can carry the entire team, choose a high damage hero that can get your team some early kills. But if you are hoping for the entire team to work together, tank or support hero is what you should always choose.

You cannot expect to get your desired hero in the matchmaking when the other players also have their preferences. You should understand that playing in accordance with the team is the best way to jump ranks in mobile legends. You cannot be selfish like the toxic players who are infecting the gaming community. Try to keep a positive environment from the beginning of the game. It will help the team members to take the initiative in working to win the game rather than stealing some wins. It is time that we take our mobile legends gaming community more seriously like the other games.

The basic strategy for picking heroes

The basic strategy that the pro players use to pick heroes in mobile legends matchmaking after Grandmaster is to take the counter of the enemy heroes. It works in 70% of the cases if your team plays along to take counter for the heroes your enemy takes to counter you. Likewise, if you get to choose first, think of the heroes those are available after the ban and then pick the strongest hero that is available to you. You can also swipe one of your teammates if they have a strong hero who can carry the team through the game.

Mobile Legends keeps updating their hero list and also make changes in their already existing heroes to balance the game. If you know which heroes are currently in meta and can easily take down enemies, you have an advantage over those who play mobile legends for fun. Overall, you must know the heroes in every segment that can outperform their categories in all games. Believe it or not, no matter how much you nerf some heroes, they always remain the strongest heroes in mobile legends.

The Ultimate List of The Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends

In this list, we will talk about the all-time strongest heroes in mobile legends that many players overlook to play with the current meta heroes. We will discuss every category of heroes in this list to help you choose the best heroes in matchmaking depending on the options you have.

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Top 30 Best Heroes in Mobile Legends

The Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends

The role of fighter heroes is to be the first one in the team fight to charge ahead and do as much damage as they possibly can. They do not need to secure a kill, but they should be brave enough to stand along with the tank while pushing turrets. These five fighter heroes, in my opinion, are the best for charging ahead with the team.


The one punch man of Mobile Legends is too overpowered if you let him stay in the game for too long. The more you wait to be dead by Aldous, the quicker you will die. With Aldous, you can start building your stacks by clearing minions in one late (preferably top). Once you have 100 stacks and two items for added damage and defence, you will be feared by the enemies who try to push solo. Aldous can stack up to 500, at which point the enemies will literally give up in fighting you. As per me, the best Fighter hero is Aldous.

Best Fighter Hero - Aldous

X. Borg

X. Borg is a strong fighter in mobile legends and probably the best fighter to play solo in one lane. You can send X. Borg to the top lane to either push or defend it, and he can single-handedly defend the lane for 5 to 6 waves. You can use this strategy to defend top while your team can gank on the middle and bottom turrets. Later you can join the team fight and start giving some heavy blasting damage. X. Borg cannot solo-push the entire game as it has slow damage, but it can keep the enemies away from your team with constant area damage.


When Silvanna is in the arena, there is no escape once she hits her ultimate. She is one of the strongest fighters in mobile legends at present who is fast, can deal damage, and can also escape quickly. Her ultimate skill allows her to trap the enemies in a dome which is effective at catching almost any hero. You may need some extra skills to master playing with Silvanna, but once you are ready, you can be unstoppable in every matchmaking in mobile legends.


I wanted to mention her in the mage category as she is another mage fighter like Silvana, but she can really become a headache as a charger. She can jump into action controlling all the enemies in an area and can escape like a smooth criminal. Sometimes while playing against Guinevere, I felt so helpless as she would appear out of nowhere, kill, and disappear (smells like Natalia in here). Of course, there are counters for Guinevere, but if you fail to make the right choices in the early game, you will have a difficult time.


As I mentioned above, Argus is the strongest fighter hero that I have played with until I reached Epic. And with the latest updates, I think it has become even more powerful with its ability to cancel all the stuns and debuffs. Argus becomes unstoppable after some point when you buy the two to three items. One tip that I would like to add is, never use the second skill (the hook) first when you are solo. Engage with basic attacks and then when the enemy tries to run away with low hp, you can use the second skill to catch him and the first one for the final blow (for the stubborn ones).

The Best Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends

Tanks are meant to take the damage of the enemies so that their team can remain safe and use their attacks wisely. They are the front walls for the teams to take the basic hits and also ultimates in many cases of the enemies. Tanks should stand strong and be brave enough always to protect marksman and mage from all corners. While not many players like to play tanks for their low damage, the ones who do and do it well are the most respected in the mobile legends community.


Tigreal is one of the strongest tanks in mobile legends which is the most effective in pushing turrets with a mage or a marksman. Tigreal have CC abilities which can stun all the enemies in a single spot, twice! Playing with CC damage heroes in mobile legends, Tigreal can give enemies a tough time. With the right build, you can take the damage from the enemy team while your team manages to steal some kills. As per me, the best Tank hero is Tigreal.

Best Tank Hero - Tigreal


Uranus is the tank that will never die if you know how to use it. It is one of the most overpowered heroes in mobile legends that has the fastest regen abilities. I have faced many situations where I escaped with one hp from the enemies and struck back with full hp in only fifteen seconds without recalling. Uranus is a great tank hero for pushing turrets and also has effective damage.


Johnson is feared for his devastating stun and a company of another hero while one is stunned. Johnson is a powerful tank in mobile legends with a passive that makes him take more damage when his HP goes below the last bar. He is a convertible machine that becomes a supercar or a firetruck and can carry another team hero with him around the map until it crashes to a hero to somewhere.


Khufra is the most banned tanked in the higher ranks at present due to its ability to cancel heroes skills and stun them. It can take long leaps around the map, surprising enemies who feel they are safely farming. Khufra can be a really strong tank for pushing turrets with the team while it stuns and literally slaps the enemies back with his long hands to get killed by his team.


Atlas is still a new tank in mobile legends which needs to get adjusted among players. While people are getting used to the new hero, it is still overpowered for the game which gets it banned in the higher rank matchmaking. It has great escaping skills which can also be used for chasing the enemies and pushing them back towards the team.

The Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends

The role of an assassin hero in mobile legends is pretty simple – to assassinate the players when they least expect it. The assassins in mobile legends have the greatest damage when they use their ultimate skills. They can hide in the bushes and wait for the enemy marksmen or mages and take them down in a single shot. However, they may not be as effective in team fights and while killing tanks and complete build fighters. Assassins are best to eliminate whoever they can find in the map to reduce the count of enemy heroes while they are ganking.


Hayabusa is the master of shadows who has achieved the art of attacking enemies from the shadows. His ultimate skill makes him attack from different directions without giving the enemy a chance to attack. The damage can divide among the nearby heroes if the enemy is not alone, but in the late game, even that can be fatal. Haya was buffed in the recent updates which have increased his damage even more and can be really OP in a one on one battle and for chasing the enemy heroes. As per me, the best Assassin hero is Hayabusa.

Best Assassin Hero - Hayabusa
Best Assassin Hero – Hayabusa


“The Strongest Ninja Has Arrived.” Probably the strongest ninja that can not be beaten unless some hero like Hayabusa can reach its real body. If the team plays well, Hanzo cannot die at all as you will have to kill him twice. Mobile Legends has to nerf Hanzo down due to his heavy damage and a devastating ultimate. It can release its soul from the body and travel through walls to kill enemies. The more you wait for him to farm, the more risk you will take. It does not mean that Hanzo is not effective in the early game. You will never know where he popped from until he does decent damage.


Gusion is a mage assassin in mobile legends known for his knives and agility. If you can master Gusion, you have already won at least 70% of the game. He can kill the enemies in unexpected ways. The pros use Gusion to jump into the turrets to take easy kills. The difficulty level for Gusion is high, but once you practice with him a couple of times, you will be good to go. Gusion has been nerfed many times due to his great damage and is still probably the highest damage dealer.


Prince charming Lancelot is another assassin that got revamped in the recent mobile legends update. Lancelot can now jump from one enemy to another while dealing high damage. He can easily dodge most of the CC with his first and second skill, and just like Gusion, he can jump into the turrets to take down enemies. Lancelot is also a CC hero himself and can do high area damage. His speed through the jungle and his charm might be the two reasons why Odette is in love with Lancelot.


Natalia is the only hero in mobile legends who can disappear in broad daylight and sting out of nowhere. She is a perfect assassin and may remind you of assassin’s creed. She can strike out of thin air and disappear again, leaving the enemy confused and lost on the map. Natalia can take time to farm and build damage as she is a late-game hero. But with the right build, you can land some fatal strikes on the enemy when they least expect it. She is also effective in clearing the minion waves as long as Aldous does not lock target on her.

The Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends

The role of marksmen in mobile legends is to play from the back and do critical damage to take the kills or to lower the HP of enemy heroes so fighters and tanks can push further. Markmen heroes are not always best for solo fights. Usually, a tank is required to protect them from enemy heroes while marksmen keep stealing their HPs from the back. It is important that marksman farm first, similar to assassins to acquire as many items as they can in the early game. Almost all marksmen are overpowered in the late game, but it all depends on the marksmen they fight against.

Yi Sun-Shin

When I mention Yi Sun-Shin, it is not because he has the highest damage. It is because Yi Shun Shin is a great team player and can pretty well manage himself in a one-on-one fight. Yi Sun-Shin’s Ulti launches air bombs on all five enemies three times. This can help your team in many ways. When you are trying to push a lane or take down the lord, you can launch the ultimate to check if there are any nearby enemies. When they are away, you can have enough time to push a turret. You can also use the ultimate when your team’s hero misses the last hit, and the enemy hero is escaping with only 1hp left. He also gets a ride in every three seconds or when he dies, which can be used to stun enemies. If you can learn the combination of all his skills combined with inspire, you can be a soul reaper in the arena quick stealing the kills. As per me, the best Marksman hero is Yi Sun-Shin.

Best Marksman Hero - Yi Sun Shin


She is the only sniper in the game who everyone fell in love with when she arrived. She is one hero in mobile legends who finds it hard to let an enemy escape. She will snipe the down the running enemies with three deadly bullets. She likes to headshot the enemies with “mind-blowing” critical damage. Once she is farmed enough, all it will take is just two critical shots to take down almost any other marksman, mage, or assassin. When she arrived for the first, she changed the game as many assassins like Fanny, Saber, Helcurt, Natalia etc. became more vulnerable to dying. She might be the reason why Natalia was revamped recently to disappear multiple times incase she gets spotted by Lesly.


Probably the best marksman right now. At least he is my favourite at the moment for being so classy with his moves and delivering high damage. Granger’s skills are a bit tricky to perform but can be highly dangerous for enemies when Granger is supported by a tank. He can dash escape, cause some long-range damage and have continuous damage while moving to take down any heroes chasing him. Mobile legends always surprise us with amazing heroes, and Granger is one such example.


Here is a quick question to brush up your Mobile Legends knowledge. What is the name of Claude’s Partner in Mobile Legends? His mysterious partner helped him escape in all his crimes which he likes to call “ART”. Claude’s partner’s name is Dexter. This due is famous for stealing turrets and also have a wide area of damage. Claude also builds stacks like Aldous, which increases his attack speed while the damage remains the same. The stack disappears in some time, but one can make them last longer with sequence farming and pushing the lanes.


Irithel is a powerful late-game marksman in mobile legends. She has long-range and high critical damage to take down an entire team with one ultimate. She rides on her sibling Leo and has comparatively high speed than other marksmen. Irithel is a late-game hero who can deal with continuous damage to the enemies while being free to move in any direction. She is a hero that not many players prefer as mobile legends has not worked on her graphics for a long time. I am pretty sure once that problem is fixed, players will shift back to irithel for rank games.

The Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mage heroes use their magical abilities to deal heavy damage on the enemies. They are ones who can play in all positions in the team, whether it is front or back or mid, they can be effective and highly dangerous for enemies. The basic attacks of mage heroes is not as much as the other heroes, but their skills and ultimate can compensate with it very well. Here is a list of the best mage heroes in mobile legends.


Zhask is at present the strongest mage hero in mobile legends. Not only because he has serious damage, but because he is difficult to kill and even harder to escape from. He can push the turrets solo and can be a nightmare in team fights. His ultimate let him protect his body and attack the enemies with high damage lasers while slowing them down. He is one hero that high-level matchmaking in mobile legends bans. But when you are lucky enough to pick Zhask in the ranked games, make sure that you know how to play with it or else he can be completely useless. As per me, the best Mage hero is Zhask.

Best Mage Hero - Zhask


Valir has been revamped for new skills, but many people still feel that his previous skills. Now that the skills have changed, he has higher damage and has become one of the most banned mages in mobile legends. Valir’s Ulti helps him amplify his first two skills which can stun the enemies for longer and deal even more damage to them. Value can easily take down all heroes, including fighters and tanks without stress. He is easy to control mage, but if you do not land your skills on the right spots, soon you will have enemies chasing you.


Gord is a great mage for pushing turrets with tanks and fighter. It can stun the enemies and launch a powerful arcane beam that can cause the entire team to disappear in no time. Gord is supposedly the mentor for Valir who taught him the art of controlling and using arcane. He used his arcane abilities to create a hoverboard for himself, which he uses to move around the area while destroying enemies swiftly.


Cecilion is a new mage hero who became people’s choice for ranked games due to his high damage from his first skill. The only drawback is that he is useless at close range against fighters. As long as his team can keep him protected, he can easily push from the mid lane to take down turrets one by one. I have played many ranked games with Cecilion to push ranks, but now as the players are getting more aware of his skills and finding out new ways to take him down, it is really important that I always have another hero supporting me while I take Cecilion.


Vexena can be really irritating at the games unless she is on your side. She is easy to play a mage who can cash curses on enemy heroes and use their voodoo against them. She can push the turrets solo if she is on a one on one fight with a fighter or marksman. The voodoo effect remains even after she dies, so the enemy can never be sure of winning the fight even when she is dead.

The Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

The support heroes in mobile legends have very important and yet not a necessary role. They may or may not be chosen by the players. They can be the trump card for a game in mobile legends if the players know when to pick a support hero in a match. Taking a hero such as angela against a team of weak heroes (high damage) can help a fighter wipe out the entire team in no time.


I find Nana the most irritative hero in mobile legends. Not just because she has a cat to nerf the heroes in every 10 seconds of the game but also because she can escape death by running away after taking the last heavy damage, she is not in the list because I like to play with her, but because we need a hero that can solve the problem of Nana pushing with her team which can disturb the entire enemy team throughout the game. As per me, the best Support hero is Nana.

Best Support Hero - Nana


Estes is the loveliest hero in the game who can be a great support to play with if the team follows proper coordination. He can regenerate the HP of all the heroes near him and provide constant HP to one hero near him with his first skill. Estes has very low damage, so it is not a good idea to go solo on any lanes. Make sure that you have a marksman or a fighter with Estes who can deal high damage while Estes can provide them with HP regen.


Lolita is a tank support who can be the shield for her team. She can play front and shield the team from all basic attacks. Although she is one of the last heroes in mobile legends that I started playing with, I found her highly helpful in turret pushing. She can combine with a mage or marksman to become a constant turret pushing machine. Due to her high HP and a long stun, she is hard to defeat even in a team fight.


Diggie is almost as irritating as Nana, but I like this hero because it can be really effective in troubling the enemies while they try to recall. Diggie also has bombs that he can place around the map that cause high damage. His ultimate helps the entire team to stop the time and prevent all damages for three seconds. Diggie is a great support hero in mobile legends that can push the turrets with the team without having to die. He can also track enemies when he is dead to help his team to take some extra kills.


Kaja is a fighter support hero in mobile legends which I started playing from the time he arrived. I was the top local and regional rank holder for a long time until I decided to use other heroes for some change in my games. Kaja can be effective in catching fast-moving heroes like a fanny, ling, and more and bring them between his team. He has high area damage as well, which can help his team in pushing the current as well as in defending them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Adrionox has a couple of more interesting reads to dwell for you.

I am pretty sure that your lists of best heroes in mobile legends will be different from mine, but this article is only a suggestive approach that you can try out while gaming. GLHF!