Mobile Legends Couples | List of 14 best couples, siblings, and partners

Mobile Legends Couples | List of 14 best couples, siblings, and partners

Mobile Legends heroes have some of the most interesting backstories in the gaming universe. I have done deep research to come up with the best list of best Mobile Legends couple, siblings, lovers, rivals and partners that exist in this epic MOBA.

About Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a PVP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android and iOS platforms. The game has more than 80 heroes, and new ones are being added every month. Not many new players today know about how the Mobile Legend heroes are planned and designed. When the game was still in beta version, the developers took ideas from the Mobile Legends community to create new heroes and a robust gaming AI. While the community was suggesting them ideas for heroes and gameplay, many of them suggested a concept which has made Mobile Legends more compelling than ever.

Start of Heroes’ Backstories

The developers of the game, Moonton, decided to take suggestions from the community to create backstories for the heroes, which would make the game even more interesting for gamers. They believed that the gamers would be able to connect with the characters in the game better if they could know more about them. And the gamers did connect with the heroes and loved the concept of a unique universe of mobile legends where heroes from different realms and kingdoms came together to fight in the massive arenas of the ‘Land of Dawn’.

The heroes do not just have their own unique stories, but they also have crossed paths with each other in the Land of Dawn several times. Many heroes have sacred bonds of other heroes that make the game even more exciting. Let us find what is going on in the universe of Mobile Legend adventures and how those bonds nurtured into unexpected relationships.

1. Miya and Nana: The travel companions

Nana belongs to the cat-like elves clan from the Enchanted Forest which is also a home for moon elves. Nana is a cute and mischievous elf which often finds herself in trouble because of her own actions. She posses a strong natural talent and magic ability, but sometimes she finds it hard to control them. One time her uncontrollable power destroyed almost half the forest.

Nana was scared for the first time and decided to go away from her clan to protect them from her own powers. In her adventurous journey, she meets Miya, a moon elf who discovered Nana’s magical abilities instantly. Miya knew Nana was having a hard time, so she suppressed her magic abilities and decided to teach her to control her powers. Nana was smart enough to learn quickly from Miya and became a powerful witch. Miya then told her that she is in a quest to look for a new king. Nana chooses to help Miya in the search and follow her to the Land of Dawn. That is how Miya and Nana became adventure partners.

2. Hayabusa – Kagura – Hanabi: The love triangle?

There have been talks about the relations between Hayabusa, Kagura, and Hanabi. It seems like the developers wanted to make this story a little more interesting as you can hear Hanabi saying in the game “Show me an umbrella, and see what happens to you.”

Hanabi and Hayabusa are the disciples of the Scarlet Shadow Ninja Grandmasters. Both have always proved themselves as the best, but Haya’s impeccable skills still beat Hanabi. The proud Hanabi could never take a defeat and believed Haya to be her most potent rival. She always found ways to provide Hayabusa to duel with her, but Hayabusa’s shadow techniques and spiritual power always dominated her.

On the other side, Hayabusa and Kagura were good childhood friends. Kagura’s family is one of the oldest and most powerful families of the Onmyouji. As the three grew up, Hanabi found out about the friendship of Haya and Kagura, and that Hayabusa also has been destined to fight the legendary former shadow of Iga. She would find Hayabusa staying at the night sky every night to bring some life in the emptiness of his life. This distressed Hanabi a lot and seeing Kagura and Hayabusa together never helps such situations.

When Hanabi finds out that Hayabusa would become the next shadow of the clan, she steals the forbidden weapon “Higanbana” from the scarlet vault of Supreme Grandmaster. Now she wants to find the former rouge shadow before Hayabusa does and rechallenge him one last time for the title. Does she posses the feelings for Hayabusa? We cannot really tell as she never expressed it. But from the fact that she does not like Kagura around Hayabusa gives us a few clues.

3. Lesley and Harley: A special bond

Lesley grew up in Vance Household where her father was the chief security of the noble family. On an attack by a rival family, Lesley saw her father die while protecting the imperial family. Tears rolled down her eyes as she picked up her father’s black long rifle and killed every assassin that came near the noble family, completing her father’s mission. Because of the undying loyalty of Lesly, the Vance family adopted Lesly and also put their sole heir, Harley under her tutelage. This was the first time Harley and Lesly ever met.

Harley was a notorious prince but an astute learner and the star of the Academy of Magical City. The Magical Goddess blessed him with good luck since he was the best student in the academy. Harley was a troublemaker and wanted to go for adventures. Only Lesly was able to keep him under control, and it was the only thing that was left for Lesly in her life. Protecting and taking care of Harley was everything to Lesly, and even he knew it. Harley always tried to be a good brother to her, but his troubles never stopped. Soon, the stories of a young magician and a mysterious black sniper spread across the Land of Dawn. As long as Lesly is around, Harley can go on as many adventures as he wants while he learns.

4. Harith and Nana: The incomplete love story

Harith is a brilliant mage of the Enchanted Forest which is home to Leonin and Moon Elves. Both the clans have a strong alliance, but they keep their private matters to themselves. Harith was a phenomenal mage among the Leonins and as powerful as any other mage in the Land of Dawn. But he never stepped outside the Enchanted Forest and liked his comfortable life until he was 15. He later realized that his clan is slowly giving up in learning magic and are becoming content with themselves. That is when he decides to go out with his passion for magic arts. He took part in the wars against the orcs tribe and gained respect from Tigreal for his spirit and abilities.

Harith was made the lieutenant of the Imperial and soon the master of magic at the Moniyan Empire. As with great powers come great responsibilities, Harith was overwhelmed with missions and criticism. He had the authority to use magic to control space and time. But he wanted to become the people’s leader in magic so that he could encourage his clan to start learning magic again. As he grew busier, he became lonely.

That’s when he met Nana, and everything changed for him. He found his happiness in the adventure stories that Nana had to tell. They became very close friends, but Harith was always hesitant about telling his feeling to Nana. He felt that it is the best way to protect Nana from the criticism and dangers

of fighting evil. It feels like Harith will never be able to express his feelings as he is a little shy when he is around Nana. We will have to wait until this mobile legends couple makes any progress.

5. Valir and Gord: The master and disciple

Gord is the master of arcane arts who recognized the skills of Valir at his early days of in Magic Academy. Gord saw the fire of learning in the eyes of Valir and saw a reflection of himself in Valir. He began to teach the most coveted secrets of the arcane craft to Valir. But since Valir was still not as strong as Gord, the adverse effects of the arcane started to show its signs. Valir started to grow violent tendencies and started combining ancient flame spells from his homeland with the power of arcane.

Gord realized that he has made a mistake and tried to remove the arcane powers from Valir, but Valir was already very strong. Valir tried to protect his powers with all his might, and their battle caused much destruction to the magic academy. Instead of feeling worried, Gord actually felt proud of his disciple. Valir then left the academy and Gord got busy in creating a flying machine that could use the arcane power to levitate. Gord can back in search of Valir once again later to the Land of Dawn.

6. Lancelot and Odette: The unconditional love

Lancelot and Odette are probably the most famous and admired mobile legends couple. “Odette, Beautiful Odette” is often heard from Lancelot when he is at the battle arena. Lancelot belongs to the Baroque family and from his very young age, he started showing his talent in the art of fencing. Lancelot was the prince charming, who grew a little arrogance over time. He once arrogantly attacked a group of elves when he was drunk. After winning a few battles, Lancelot could not keep his guard up for a long time and was defeated by the magical tribes that came to rescue the elves in the mountains. Severely wounded Lancelot managed to escape by swimming across the Azure lake.

Lance would have died there if princess Odette did not find him. Odette used her magic powers and took Lancelot to the Swan Castle. Lancelot recovered soon and was already in love with Odette. In her company, he understood how wrong he was due to his arrogance.  He also learned about the magical powers of Regina family and combined it with his fencing skills. After he was completely healed, he had to return to his kingdom. As a token of appreciation, he gifted a sword to Odette for her protection. Over time their love grew unconditionally and are the most admired couple in Mobile Legends.

7. Saber and Alpha: The odd couple

Saber was a project of a crazy professor of lab 1717 who wanted to create a killing machine. He created a cyborg by combining the DNA of hundreds of skilled swordsmen. Alpha, on the other hand, was created by combining human and space meteorolite. The crazy professor wanted to use both his creations for achieving a secret goal.

It is said that Alpha is Saber’s younger sibling because Saber was created first. Saber soon grew hungry for more power and left the profession. That is when the professor decided to give all the tasks of Saber to Alpha. Since Alpha still had humanity left in him, he refused to work for the professor and decided to fight back. When Saber received to news of resistance, he returned back to protect Alpha. Both of them escaped by splitting space and time and reached the land of dawn. Alpha was finally free, and Saber got to try out his newly gained powers in the Land of Dawn battles.

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Other Honorary Mentions

8. Balmond and Alice

Balmond is the leader of the orcs tribe and works under Alice who has done several evil things like invading Pharsa’s wedding, fighting with Estes, seducing Vexana’s husband, and conflicts with Selena.

9. Karina and Selena

The two are dark elf sisters who have been separated because of Selena’s hunger for the power of abyss.

10. Franco and Bane

The two are eternal rivals who fought in the seas as Franco wants freedom from his tribe. While Franco is only human, Bane is an evil reincarnation.

11. Bruno and Lolita

Bruno is a human plus lab enhancement while Lolita is elf plus lab enhancement. Both have helped each other in several missions, including the one where they catch Claude. Brune has a special place for Lolita in his heart. They can be the next popular mobile legends couple but we do not guarantee it yet.

12. Zilong and Chang’e

Zilong is the adopted son of the Great Dragon, who likes to spend his time with Chang’e when he is not fighting in the battle arena.

13. Argus and Rafaela

Argus is a fallen angel who was a teammate of Rafaela for protecting the Land of Dawn. It was the overtime greed of Argus that made him take the help of the dark abyss.

14. Uranus and Kaja

Both Uranus and Kaja are the guards of the Celestial palace and protect it from the evils of the abyss. After the war, they helped in recreating the Celestial Palace.

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