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The Top 10 Best Anime with Violence and Mature Content

The Top 10 Best Anime with Violence and Mature Content

In today’s article, we are delving into the world of anime that isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re talking about the top 10 best anime with violence and mature content that you may not have heard of. These shows cater to a niche audience who appreciates the darker and edgier side of the anime world. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the list.

10. Doru the Animation: Curiosity Leads to Unthinkable Consequences

At number ten on our list, we have “Doru the Animation.” This anime introduces us to a device that can turn people into slaves. But don’t panic; it’s all fictional, and it’s purely for the sake of the plot. The story revolves around a main character who becomes a slave out of curiosity. While the show may try a bit too hard to be dark and edgy, it falls short in terms of plot and character development. It relies on shock factor and fan service, making it an acquired taste for those who appreciate a certain level of uniqueness in anime.

9. Freezing: Teenage Girls vs. Alien Invaders

Coming in at number nine, we have “Freezing.” In a future where Earth is under attack by aliens, it’s not the Avengers or Power Rangers who come to the rescue but a group of teenage girls in questionable attire. This anime may sound like a military action genre, but it primarily takes place in an academy where these supergirls are being trained. While the series offers action, it’s not deep in plot but certainly rich in fan service and mature content. If you’re a fan of etchy school life romance with a dash of action, this one’s for you.

8. Kokoku: A Race Against Time in a Different Realm

Taking the eighth spot on our list is “Kokoku.” The main character here is useless and broke, and his family gets kidnapped. To save them, the characters enter a different realm where time stops for everyone except the user. This anime is known for its funny, unpredictable, and absurd characters, which are more fantastical than realistic. While it contains some fan service and mature content, it’s an enjoyable watch for those who appreciate a unique storyline.

7. Rene: Daughters of Mimosine – Immortality with a Dark Side

Claiming the seventh position is “Rene: Daughters of Mimosine.” This anime centers around a girl who cannot die, making it one of the series’ strongest points. The show portrays immortal beings and the evolution of society and technology throughout multiple decade time skips between each episode. Despite its potential to be an epic and hyped anime, it leans heavily into fan service and mature content. It’s only suitable for mature viewers, but it offers a dark series with interesting references and concepts.

6. Speed Grapher: Dark, Gritty, and Character-Driven

At number six, we have “Speed Grapher.” This is the story of a photographer who unlocks superpowers, making it a character-driven and dark anime. While it may not be as action-packed as some other anime, it offers a unique blend of dark themes, character development, shootings, and explosions. Expect some mature content and fan service that is brief but satisfying.

5. Kemonozume: Love Amidst Monstrosity

Landing at number five, we have “Kemonozume.” This anime explores a unique premise where the main character’s girlfriend can turn into a monster, yet their love persists. The show’s personal story unfolds during the mature content scenes, and it’s a 13-episode series that provides a wild and engaging experience. Just be prepared for the explicit scenes.

4. Shigurui Death Frenzy: Brutal and Gritty Samurai Tale

Taking the fourth spot is “Shigurui Death Frenzy.” This anime is set in the Edo period of Japan and portrays the cruelty of the time, where women were treated as mere objects. It stays true to historical accuracy, offering a story filled with lies, deceit, violence, and mature content. It’s a sophisticated anime for careful and patient viewers, with a lot of violence and explicit scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

3. Blade of the Immortal: A Tale of Redemption and Revenge

At the third position, we have “Blade of the Immortal.” This anime combines elements of two previous entries, offering a character seeking redemption through violence and mature content. The main character, an immortal swordsman, aims to kill 1,000 evil men to atone for his past actions. Expect fan service and mature scenes in this action-packed series.

2. Basilisk: Forbidden Love Amidst Bloodshed

At the runner-up position, we find “Basilisk.” This anime portrays a classic Romeo and Juliet tale, set in ancient Japan, with two lovers from rival clans forced to fight each other. It’s a story of forbidden love, honor, and endless killing. The plot, fight scenes, and mature content make it a must-watch for those hungry for intense and well-executed anime.

1. Berserk: A Dark Fantasy Epic

At the top of our list is “Berserk,” not the recent adaptation, but the ’90s version. This anime introduces us to Guts, the Black Swordsman, who embarks on a journey filled with violence, betrayal, and redemption. The series doesn’t shy away from mature content, including disturbing scenes. “Berserk” is a dark fantasy epic that’s a must-watch for those who can handle its intense and mature themes.

That concludes our list of the top 10 best anime with violence and mature content. These shows offer a unique blend of darkness, violence, and mature themes that cater to a niche audience within the anime world. If you’re a fan of edgier and more intense anime, give these series a try, and you might discover a new favorite. Remember to watch responsibly, and enjoy the rich storytelling and character development that these anime have to offer.