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Why Old Turles Looks So Much Like Goku?

Why Old Turles Looks So Much Like Goku?

For years, there has been some speculation about why the classic movie ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might’ villain Turles resembles Goku so much. Let’s find out why.

The Villain Turles has a plain semblance to our good-guy protagonist Goku
The Villain has a plain semblance to our good-guy protagonist

All about Turles

Turles’ first and only appearance was with the launch of the third feature film of the Dragon Ball Z series. As a low-class Saiyan who lusted for power, he planted the Tree of Might that can grow large fruit that, when he ate it, immediately increased power. Quite literally, this tree grew by sucking the life out of Earth.

The Tree of Might
The Tree in the Tree of Might Movie

The plot makes it quite clear that this movie was non-canon and is undeniably now since he was almost a ‘premonition’ of future evil Goku visages.

Fan Made Art of Goku Black battling Turles

Fan Made Art of Goku Black battling Turles

Nevertheless, everything in his appearance is the same as Goku’s, except the skin complexion which low-class Saiyans usually had. It appears that even the most opposite of people have similar characteristics. The intentions of Turles were completely contradictory to that of Goku’s. Their personality, however, can’t be any less than a complete mirror. It makes even more sense, for the reason that Turles is not a copy of Son Goku. He typifies what Goku would have become if he hadn’t crashed head-on into a rock. Due to the nature of Saiyans, Goku’s mental development being intact would have turned him to what he was sent to do; ravage.

How Turles relates to Kakarot

Saiyans are inherently power-thirsty, but Goku has an abnormal desire to get stronger. Even Vegeta didn’t care as much. The personality of Goku and Turles had a strange resemblance, as their desire to get stronger is equivalent. They have various methods for doing so as Goku displays more integrity, training instead of eating for quick growth.

Classic Fan Art Wallpaper for Turles From Dragon Ball Z
Turles wallpaper fan art

Turles is without a doubt doppelganger of Goku. However, there is not to say others could not look the same as well. Low-class Saiyans in general had striking resemblances as many of them were low-tier anyway.