Black Clover Chapter 205 – Summary and Review

After Litch was able to thwart the Demons plan by transforming into a monster rather than let the Demon take his body, Prince Lumiere prepared to battle him and save everyone from the monster Litch turned into. As the battle raged on, Secre blamed herself for what happened as the cause was the magic stones she created. After realizing that […]

Black Clover Episode 81 – Summary and Review

***** Spoiler Alert: This post contains details from the episode. ***** The conclusion of the fight between Finral and his brother Langris ends by putting Finral in a very bad state. The quick intervention of his Black Bulls teammates prevented Langris from killing Finral. And even though Leo Vermilion was able to destroy the opposing team’s crystal, Langris’ attack on […]

Shugo Chara (The Series) – Review

Shugo Chara is a series that follows a young pink haired girl by the name of Amu Hinamori, who just wants to get in touch with her would-be self. The true self of her heart. Problem is, whenever she’s in front of the chair of the Guardians Club (that oversees student-concerns) she goes from being her usual Cool and Spicy […]

One Piece Chapter 939 – Summary and Review

***** Spoiler Alert: This post contains details from the chapter. ***** The chapter opens with Zoro and Kumorasaki (who is now also revealed as Princess Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister). After her panic that Zoro might be an enemy after Momo’s life to which she was assured of the contrary, Zoro told her about Momo and his retainers that he had met. […]