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Black Clover Chapter 200 – Summary and Review

Black Clover Chapter 200 – Summary and Review

After Nozel defeated Patolli in his dark elf form, he was ready to kill Patolli and end his reign of terror on Clover Kingdom once and for all.

However, Asta, true to his character wasn’t ready to give up on Patolli.

Asta was able to convince Nozel with the aid of Yuno to try bringing William Vangance back as he was being possessed by Patolli.

Using his new sword that has the ability to nullify the reincarnation magic of the Elves, Asta tried to nullify the reincarnation magic only for him to be bombarded by Patolli’s memories and despair.

However, Asta was able to make Patolli not give up on himself and convinced him to see it through to the end by helping them stop the demon that has been unleashed.

In the end, while the reincarnation magic wasn’t nullified and Patolli remained in control of the Golden Dawn captain’s body, his Dark Elf form was nullified and he came back with the motivation to help stop the demon unleashed.

Patolli also came to have a measure of respect for humans through Asta and it would be exciting to see how that developed.

Those of you who are wondering, where they can go to read the latest chapter from Black Clover, are in for a treat.

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Black Clover Chapter 200


Black Clover is a story of Asta and his journey to be the Magic Emperor of Clover Kingdom. Along with him is his childhood friend and rival Yuno who is blessed with mana and the four leaf clover grimoire while Asta lacks mana but has the mysterious five leaf clover grimoire. Alongside his teammates in the Black Bulls, Asta helps against every threat to the Clover Kingdom while not losing sight of his goal.