How to Distribute Squad Roles in PUBG? | PUBG Squad Roles For Pros

Have you ever thought if everyone in your squad did the right thing at the right time, chicken dinner would not be a problem at all? Good teamwork is necessary to survive longer in a squad match in PUBG. Along with having your skillset, you also need team coordination, communication, and a strategy that all squad members carefully understand. Otherwise, […]

Tips & Tricks for PUBG: Increase Your Chances of Chicken Dinner

If you want your virtual chicken dinner served every time you play PUBG, mere basic game knowledge will not help. The pros have worked to device new tactics and strategies through the years to gain an advantage over other players. Nevertheless, PUBG is anyone’s game until the very last moment, but these tips can give you the best chance of […]

Beginner’s Guide to PUBG: How to Get the Chicken Dinner?

Now many may wonder the reason behind this game’s popularity, which is quite simple. The game began as a multiplayer TPS simulator under the concept of the movie “Battle Royale.” It took everyone by surprise and excitement with its seemingly hard objective – To get the chicken dinner. A hundred players take part in a single match to compete for […]